Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats
Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

Fast Read to Dogs Mind – How to Understand What Dog Wants, Clear body language

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Understand What Dog Wants, In order to train our dog, first we must understand our dog.

The purpose of this article is simply to give a better understanding as to why dogs develop ‘Bad’ habits.

You are probably all aware of the basics of dog behaviour.Dog Behaviour Trainings - Understanding Dogs Behaviour Common Mistakes

But I just want to make sure. All dogs are “Pack” animals, and as such have certain genetic traits;

  • #1 The instinct to bury items- Dogs do not mean to destroy our beautiful lawns and flower borders,
    • They just Love to dig in soft soil, and enjoy burying toys and bones.
    • This is their way of saving food for a rainy day.
  • #2 The enthusiastic welcome- Notice how your dog reacts when you return to the house after a trip.
    • They sniff us all over, because they are excited by the new scents that we are carrying, and will lick us all over.
    • They particularly like our faces, this is the dogs method of maintaining body contact with the pack and of showing deference to higher pack members.
  • #3 The Hunter Instinct- The instinct to hunt other animals, is probably the best and most widely known.
    • Cats. Squirrels, Rabbits, whatever animal it is chasing, the dog is simply obeying centuries of genetic programming.

You must Understand What Dog Wants that all of these behaviours should only be considered ‘Bad Habits‘ based on OUR circumstances. s

For example,

A dog which chases a Squirrel through a field in the country, may not be considered a problem, but a dog which chases a squirrel through a City Park,

Understand What Dog Wants May be considered a danger by its owners because of the distress it might cause to other park users, and of course the risk of the dog running into a busy road.

Dogs vary so much in terms of temperament and behaviour, So you can Understand What Dog WantsSuccessful Dog Behaviour Training

That I do not believe in the mistaken perception of ‘Dominant’ dogs.

Understand What Dog Wants,

Rather I believe that as dogs vary, so do owners.

As already mentioned, a lot of what we believe to be bad behaviour, has more to do with OUR circumstances, than the behaviour of our dog.

Only when you consider this, can you begin to understand just what training is required.Easy Dog Training

Taylor Andrews invites you to gain a clearer understanding of your dog,

Whether you are an existing dog owner, or are considering dog ownership for the first time.

To fully master dog training, and to ensure that you have a happy healthy dog in your home, please visit my website for more information and top tips;


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