Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats
Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

Best Practices of Puppy Care Basics | How to Care for a New Puppy or Dog

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Puppy Care Basics Best Practices, If you have a new puppy or maybe have just adopted a new dog, then you will want to know how give your new pet the best care possible.

That is where can help.Puppy Care Basics, Puppies Behaviour Training pet-behavior-education-and-consultation-for-dogs-and-cats

Be sure to browse through the site and check out all the articles and information related to caring for your furry family member.

Learn everything from choosing a new name for your new pet to how to give him or her a bath.

Best Practices of Puppy Care Basics

Caring for a dog or any animal is huge responsibility, one that should not be taken lightly.

If you are thinking about adopting a new puppy or dog,

Make sure that you have the time and energy to dedicate to training your new pet and also to bond with your new puppy or dog.Puppy Care Basics, Puppies Behaviour Training pet-behavior-education-and-consultation-for-dogs-and-cats

There is much to consider when caring for your dog.

You will need to know about feeding, grooming, exercising your dog, and more.

Dogs are wonderful pets that can add much joy and happiness to a family that is willing to give a little love, time, and attention to their pet.

Puppy Care Basics

Information and advice on puppy care.


New Puppy:

  1. Puppy Household Hazards
  2. Getting Your House Ready For A Puppy
  3. Your Puppy’s First Weeks
  4. Strange Puppy Habit

Best Practices of Puppy Care Basics,

Puppy Household Hazards And Dangers.

Information and the key tips on how to get your house ready and safe for your new puppy.

Puppy Household Hazards

There are many hazards within your house which you need to be aware of before bringing a puppy home.

All these hazards are easy to deal with and will make you household a safe environment for your new puppy.

Electric Wires need to be secured around your home and removed if possible.Puppy Care Basics,

You can coat the wires in an anti-chew product so there’s no threat of your puppy chewing through them and harming themselves or starting a fire.

Chocolate needs to be well out of your puppies reach as its toxic for dogs.

Bones can be fatal towards your pet as small pieces can cut them internally.

It’s always best to use bones from a pet store or big beef leg bones.

Try to keep your pets away from cooked chicken,

Fish and pork bones as these are a bad choice for your pet’s health.

Houseplants can cause vomiting and diarrhea as they’re toxic to puppies.

Keep them out of reach or remove from your home.Puppy Care Basics, Bad Dog Behaviour

You could use black pepper on the soil of you plants and Bitter Apple leaf protector on the leafs if nothing else can be done.

Open windows are another hazard and is not to be taken lightly.

Dogs can,

have and will jump out of windows of your home or car.

Get grills to put on your windows and when driving, open them slightly and certainly don’t let your dog hang their head out of the car window.

Antifreeze is extremely fatal, and creates a life-and-death situation if you suspect your dog has drunk any.

You need to remove all antifreeze from your home or at least keep well away from your dogs reach.

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String, rope, and wool all need to be kept out of reach of your pet.Puppy Care Basics, Puppies Behaviour Training

Your dog will eat them and it could kill them by getting tangled in their intestines.

If they have a piece of string etc hanging from their mouth, don’t pull it out! You could seriously harm your dog. Instead, immediately rush them to your vet.

Puppy Care Basics,

Getting Your House Ready For A Puppy.

Information and the key tips on how to get your house ready and safe for your puppy.

Keeping Your Puppy Safe

Areas such as the back garden, yard or basement aren’t places for your puppy to be.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the best areas to place your puppy as it easier to puppy proof these rooms.

If you have anything your puppy can chew and spoil it’s better to remove it from the room.

Secure any cabinets that have dangerous cleaning products within, as some puppies will open them.Puppy Care Basics, Puppies Behaviour Training Bad Dog Behaviour

Remove any electrical wires you can, and coat the rest with Bitter Apple furniture cream or a similar deterrent.

If you work or need to leave your puppy out of its crate for long periods of time, you’ll have to set up a restricted area.

To do this

you’ll need wire mesh baby gates because wood or plastic will be chewed through by your puppy in no time.

Use the gates instead of closed doors as doors will frustrate your puppy and they’ll end up scratching and barking for attention.

If you’re scared of the puppy climbing the gate,Puppy Care Basics, Puppies Behaviour Training Bad Dog Behaviour

Put some cans on the top of the gate filled with light stones or gravel, that way if they attempt to climb, the cans will fall and shock(but not injure) your puppy.

Place the newspaper your puppy uses as a toilet at the back of this area so it’s easier to enter instead of walking through their mess each time.

At the front of the area place the crate, toys and bowls because that’s where your puppy will spend most of their time.

The rest of your home needs to be secured by clearing away breakable and toxic items.

Worry about what they can chew instead of what they might chew.

Puppies will be interested in anything that you have touched and has your smell on it.

Puppy Care Basics,

Your Puppy’s First Weeks.

Information and key tips on your puppy’s first weeks.

Puppy First Weeks

The first weeks of owning a new puppy are very important to how they will react later in life.

Puppies need to be shown straight away what’s acceptable and what’s not.

Puppies will always want to play and you will also want to play with your puppy in return,

But make sure you don’t let your dog get away with too much just because they’re young and cute.

If you let your puppy get away with murder,

Before you know it your harmless puppy will be a vicious unruly dog that’s hard to train in no time.

Note that you should only corretct your dog for issues unrelated to toilet training. Puppy Care Basics

Many puppies will have troubles with house training to begin because Puppy Care Basics they don’t yet have full bowel control so punishing your dog because of this would be a mistake,Puppy Care Basics, Correct Dog Behaviour Problems

But keep a close eye on how long it persists and try and get them used to eliminating on a similar surface each time, and correcting them when they don’t.

Puppy Care Basics,

Strange Puppy Habits.

Some perfectly normal but strange habits your puppy might have.

Puppy Strange Habits And Worries

You may be worrying about your puppy’s strange habits but in fact they are nothing to be worried about and not strange at all.

Here are few normal habits that could seem worrying to you.

Puppies will usually hiccup after they have food its nothing to be concerned about and they’ll grow out of it when they get to adulthood.Puppy Care Basics,

Your puppy will have Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAP), two or more times in a day.

This is basically when you puppy will run around your house,


chase its tail, bark, jump on people and furniture, and generally play about having fun.

These bursts of energy will only last up to about five minutes and your pup should grow out of this stage quite quickly.

Your puppy will lie down in the ‘flying frog’ position (their back legs stretched out behind them and their front legs straight ahead of them).Puppy Care Basics,

They may also be attracted to the porcelain cover of your bolt that holds the toilet to the floor for Puppy Care Basics (if their safe area is in the bathroom).

All this is perfectly normal behaviour and should be treated accordingly.

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