Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats
Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

Positive Dog Training | Secrets to Transform Your Dog’s Behaviour Problems Fast

Positive Dog Training | Secrets to Dog Training – Transform Your Dog’s Behaviour Problems Fast

I was prompted to write this article

Because of that wonderful experience I have had with my dog and the secrets to dog training learned in that process.Changing Dogs Direction

The underline message for all dog lovers is that you should never adopt a dog for a Positive Dog Training

Without your total commitment for the welfare of the dog and he’s Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training

I derive enormous joy and feel a sense of fulfillment when thinking about my dog and re-living those precious moments.

I feel that we have done a good deed by giving that little soul a second lease of life.

My dog Buster would have been dead two and a half years ago if not for my daughter’s intervention.

When I first heard that my daughter was going to bring a 13 years or so old dog to our house,Dog Lunge Training - dog barking on leash

I thought she was joking.

My first response, when it was revealed that she was serious, was my flat refusal.

My horrendous experience in the Positive Dog Training

With a rabid dog when I was about 6 years old and the fact that I didn’t know the secrets to dog training,

Coupled with the fear of facing hefty bills that we may struggle to pay,

Would have contributed to my initial reaction.

Later when I learnt the reasoning behind the move,

I decided to give it a try amidst many other obstacles.

I was very apprehensive about the whole affair,

But the sheer determination of my daughter’s desire to give a new lease of life to an innocent and timid looking dog overpowered my reluctance in supporting the move.

On a Sunday afternoon in February that year,

Avery agitated and reckless old dog by the name of Buster was brought in by my daughter.

That day I was in uncharted waters and was clueless as to what and what not to expect and how to handle this unexpected visitor to our house.

Originally my initial fear of dogs kept me at an arms length.

At that point in time little did I realize that I was going to get so close to this wonderful soul.Dogs Jealousy Signs

A dog who has been discarded by the people who took him for adoption as a puppy and totally neglected of any dog training had finally found a place which he can call his home I guess.

So unfortunate was he that not only rejected by many but also been abused when he was a puppy.

He used to be very depressed, not interested in his food either.

However he showed a gradual but remarkable come back and within two weeks or so, he started eating well.

A Bull Mastiff weighing about 40 kg started looking for food all the time.

If a door opens to the patio, he thinks someone is bringing food for him!

He is a devil when he gets on his daily walk. As he has had no dog training,

He walks me instead of I walk him! Initially it was hard walking him,

As he used to suddenly change his direction in a zig-zag path or taking an about turn.

How many times I was thrown out of balance due to his pulling power and sudden change of pace and direction.

Gradually it became a pleasure for me to attend to him.

As he got older and weaker he seemed to have lost his pace but still all out to go for his walk.Dog Training Tips

During the last few months it was real heart break to see him struggle to stand up with his back legs being not so steady.

Often I had to lift him up for him to stagger a bit before starts walking.

Last few weeks of his life had been a nightmare for me and my family.

He would lie down on his belly not being able to stand up.

His gradual loss of appetite was hard for us to take. He even refused to eat his favourite crispy “Sakata” biscuits or a piece of cheese.Dogs Jealousy Signs

Then I knew that the end is near. I am delighted and relieved that we have done our best to make the last phase of his life happier, comfortable and more meaningful.

Feeding time around 4.30 to 5.00pm is the most difficult time that I feel to pass by.

If not served by 4.45pm for some reason, he would come near the study room where I used to be working and have a peep through the grilled door and start whining to catch my attention.

At times I used to pretend that I did not see him.

Then he would keep staring at me as if asking “where is my dinner – why is it late today?”

Since his demise few weeks ago, my usual morning walk has now become a nightmare.

Three km stretch is full of land marks that I remember.Dog Training Tips

Each little bush,

Letter box, street lamp post etc along the route has great significance and carry vivid memories.

Buster used to either have a sniff at, paused for a while or to have his job done at these places.

Now I find so hard to go near isle 12 of the supermarket where dog food are stored.

Life has become so empty without Buster and not sure how long would it take to overcome this feeling.

I decided to hold on to two souvenirs left behind, the lead and the neck strap with his ID tag.

From my perspective the message is loud and clear.

Positive Dog Training is a must.

Never do not own a dog or any pet for that matter if you are not prepared to do your duties for the entire life span of the animal.Dog Training Tips

If you want to discover how to easily solve your dogs behaviour problems once and for all,

You can visit the following link which will take you to a set of proven secrets to dog training.

When you opt-in you will qualify to receive free newsletters on dog training.Dog Training Tips

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So, That is all about Positive Dog Training for today.

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