Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats
Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

How to train a dog | Easy Dog Training

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How to train a dog | Easy Dog Training, Dog Training is Easier Than You Think – Just Follow the Basics and will find the great results.

Easy Dog Training

As some people find training their first dog particularly difficult. However, it really is a little easier than you would at first think.Dog Training, easy Dog Training Essential Command

But you have to be consistent.

In this article we will focus on the basic principles that underline basic and more advanced dog training.

Why train your dog?

Dogs and people live in very close proximity to each other and under these conditions.

It is important that dogs have a degree of Dog Training is Easier. How to train a dog

Unfortunately all to often we see the consequences of owners who have neglected to train their dog.

Dog training isn’t simply for the owners benefit and that of societies as a whole but it is for the benefit of the dog.

Its in the genes – Dogs and History

A dog needs to feel it is under leadership rather than being the leader, and this goes back to a dog’s roots in history when they hunted in packs.Easy Dog Training

You will find that as an Easy Dog Training If we were to look at a pack of wolves as an example,

They are under a strict ranking system where each wolf has its place.

How to train a dog

The leader is classed as the alpha male and may be the strongest or more

Intelligent of the pack so you will consider the idea of Dog Training is Easier.

For the alpha male to stay in control he may need to bare his teeth, stare, How to train a dog

Which are all rituals that take the place of an actual fight.

Easy Dog Training, As alpha male the leader may have certain benefits and privileges than the others ranked lower.

Today’s Dogs – You must be the alpha dog.

Dogs of today don’t live in packs but they do live with humans. This could be classed as a mixed pack and a dog needs to know it has a leader or alpha dog i.e you the owner.Dog Training, easy Dog Training Essential Command

Anti- Authoritarian or authoritarian approaches to Dog training?

Its an opinion that strictly authoritarian dog training methods as an easy dog training.

Which punish a dogs unwanted behavior severely will break a dog’s will, and in the end destroy its personality.

Only a disgusting human being would enjoy punishing a dog severely and watch the dog slink around in a submissive manner.

Balance and Harmony

A completely anti-authoritarian approach where the animal does as it pleases at all times will lead to an unhappy dog and an unhappy owner.

A dog by its very nature needs to know what it is forbidden from doing and what it is allowed to do.

By doing this the dog will feel more comfortable in its life and its surroundings.

This is the balance and harmony that a dog needs, the result that the owner/trainer is after must be clear and concise for the dog to understand.Easy Dog Training

Their is no strict rule to the balance between strictness and freedom as every dog is different and every situation completely unique.

Think how your dog feels

If you want to be a good and successful dog trainer it is important to try and understand how your dog feels,

Dog Training is Easier by understanding a little dog psychology

A good trainer needs to understand not to do certain things – below is a good example.

Dog psychology

A good example of understanding your dog and a little psychology would be.

If your dog is off the lead and you are both walking down a deserted track and then a cyclist cycles past and then your dog makes chase.

What should you do?

Your natural instinct may be to take chase after your beloved dog,Easy Dog Training

However How to train a dog is a compatition which will make your dog feel that you are joining the game and this will not help the situation.

However by calling firmly and then changing direction this is sending out a clear and concise message to your Dog Training is Easier.

Don’t shout at your dog-it doesn’t work!

Do not subject your dog to your bad moods and anger.

If you need to reprimand your dog do it quickly but always remain composed.

There is no excuse for uncontrolled anger towards your dog. How to train a dog is a challange

A dog does not try to irritate you on purpose as their desire is to always try and please the owner and dog trainer.

In many cases the punished dog will not know what it has done wrong and will be unhappy

That it has made you the owner or trainer unhappy. How to train a dog

Try visiting his website on How to train a dog dog training tips for more information.


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