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Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

Dogs Punishment | Pain | Predatory – The Three Special “P’s” of Dog Aggression

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Dogs Punishment | Pain | Predatory Is on of the most important challange for any dog owner.

The Dogs Punishment | Pain | Predatory – The Three Special “P’s” of Dog Aggression.

Now it may seem I am picking on the larger breeds but it is only because if a large breed dog bites it can do serious damage as compared to the smaller breeds.Dog Training, easy Dog Training Essential Command

Today owners of large breed dogs need to be aware of the different signs a dog can exhibit if they are going to be aggressive.

Dogs Punishment | Pain | Predatory

You do not read many stories about a chihuahua attacking someone and that someone requiring medical attention.

Dog aggression problems are more serious with the large breeds.

As responsible dog owners we need to be aware of aggressive dog behaviour that we can be dealing with.

So today we will look at the following three types:

  • Dogs Punishment | Pain | Predatory (Punishment Aggression)
  • Pain Aggression (Dogs Punishment | Pain | Predatory )
  • Dogs Punishment | Pain | Predatory ( Predatory Aggression)

To me, in one way, punishment aggression is the worst possible type of aggression simply for the reason that it is totally avoidable.Dog Training, 4 Dog Training Essential Command

This type we actually know what causes it and that is the owner.

An owner who is abusive and dominant when correcting or punishing their dog can cause this aggressive dog behaviour.

The owners’ train their dogs by yelling, pointing and even hitting the dog.

They will try to be the Alpha through intimidation and threats. Dogs Punishment | Pain | Predatory

Eventually the dog will retaliate in an aggressive manner.

Next we have pain aggression.

Although we should never make excuses for our dogs bad behaviour I do kind of sympathize with the dog on this one.Dog Behaviour Tips and Tricks

Dogs are a lot like people when it comes to how much pain they can tolerate.

Some dogs are sensitive in certain areas which can cause a problem for a dog that requires a lot of grooming.

Some dogs suffer pain because of injuries or illnesses such as hip dysplasia,

Arthritis,skin problems and even ear problems. Dogs Punishment | Pain | Predatory – The Three Special “P’s”

Since they cannot communicate with us verbally they may snap or bite when touched.

If this is the case you should seek medical attention for your pet.

Lastly we have predatory aggression.

As the name suggests this type can be associated with a dogs’ natural prey instinct.

Remember before the dog was domesticated he had to hunt for his food.

This included stalking the prey,

Giving chase after the prey and eventually catching and killing the prey.

A dog that exhibits this type of aggression will literally run after anything that moves.

That could be a person jogging by, Walking Your Dog Lift angle

A child running and playing in the yard, a person going by on a bike, the neighbours’ cat, literally anything that moves.

You may see the chasing as innocent enough but how long before the chase escalates to the rest of the prey instinct?

These are just three types of aggressive dog behaviour that your dog can show signs of.

Unfortunately the list does go on to include more which as a responsible dog owner you should be aware of.

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