Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats
Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

Injured Dogs Hit By Cars – Miracle for a Dramatic Dog Hit By a Car

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When Dogs Hit By Cars you have to Call a vet and provide them detailed information about the incident.

Wait with your injured dog until a vet can arrive at the scene.

My Dog Was Hit by a Car: So What Happens Next?

Keep the injured dog warm by wrapping them in a blanket, keeping their nose and mouth exposed.

Cover any wounds with a clean cloth and apply gentle pressure to stop any bleeding

What to Do if Your Dog is Hit by a Car

Dogs Hit By Cars

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What to do if Your Dog is Hit by a Car

Your dog may be the best trained dog in the world, understand your commands perfectly,

And you may think that your dog understands the roads and can cope with cars well,

But there is always a chance your dog could get knocked over by a car and knowing what to do in this situation is vital.puppies-Dogs Hit By Cars_dog behaviour training

As stated above,

You may think your dog is well suited to roads and can avoid cars and know when and where to cross the road,

But from a dogs perspective this is all guess work and learnt from previous situations and near misses.

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Even after many years of crossing roads and viewing cars,

Dogs can still get caught up in situations that are dangerous and harmful.Dogs Hit By Cars

If your dog does become the target of a road accident there are certain rules that should be adhered to,

When arriving at the scene and these rules can be the basis of how much pain and how healthy your dog will be afterwards.

The first thing to do is not panic,

if your dog is conscious and can sense you panicking then they will panic also which won’t help the situation.

Common injuries of a dog being run over are cuts and bruises so there is a good chance your dog is fine ,

So you can help your Dogs Hit By Cars

Dogs should not be moved after a car incident and until you know and are sure of the injuries they have,

Should remain in the same place or moved using a few people and a sheet or blanket as a stretcher if totally necessary.

Always check their breathing,

Your dogs breathing

May have stopped as a cause of the accident and will need respiration by holding the muzzle closed and breathing air through the nose.

Dogs Hit By Cars

If there is any severe bleeding you will need to add pressure to stop the bleeding and then seek urgent medical treatment.

If you are not sure of the seriousness of the damages,

Then contact your vet and explain the conditions to get advice on how to deal with the situation properly.

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