Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats
Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

Best Keys To Handling A Dogs Dominant Behaviour – Understanding and Dealing

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Dogs Dominant Behaviour, There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding dominance;

What it is,Understanding Dogs Behaviour

And how to treat such unwanted behaviour in dogs that possess the natural inclination to be leaders.

This article is aimed at helping the dog owner to gain some idea

About what dominance is and how to manage dominant behaviour.

Understanding and Dealing With Your Dogs Dominant Behaviour

Much of the the research surrounding dominance in canines comes from observations of both wild and captive packs of dogs and wolves.


this phenomena can also be observed in many other species of animal,

Least of all the human animal.

From a Darwinian point of view,Successful Dog Behaviour Training

Behavioural characteristics that have survival value for the species will become subject to natural selection.

The hierarchical and close knit structure of a wolf pack for example,

Where each each animals role is crucial to the groups survival,

Along with a leader or leaders who’s superior intelligence and skill coordinates the groups existence,

Has obvious survival value.

You only have to watch one of the many TV programmes devoted to the wolf to immediately see why this is the case.

Much of this blue print for survival has been genetically inherited by our domestic canines,

To one degree or another,

And fortunately most dogs are happy to follow the leaders of their human packs.

That said however,

There will always be dogs who are born to be leaders.Dog Behaviour Trainings - Understanding Dogs Behaviour Common Mistakes

Dominance varies between individual puppies within each litter and between different breeds.


who have the potential to become dominant can be observed dominating their siblings,

Especially during play or when attempting to take possession of food or toys.

These puppies display a high degree of natural confidence,

And are normally first to investigate any new experience.

There is no end to the advice that should be taken when choosing a new puppy,

Especially in relation to detecting the level of dominance between puppies in a litter.

Having said that however,

Any natural potential also needs to be nurtured in order for it to develop.

As Dogs Dominant Behaviour,

Those people who are looking to take on a new puppy are encouraged to test for dominance by for example,

Placing each puppy on it’s back,

And avoiding any puppy who struggles for more than a few seconds,

As those that do, are more likely to become dominant. Later,Easy Dog Training

Owners are encouraged to

Perform rituals that involve,

Eating before their puppy is allowed to eat,

Going through door ways ahead of their puppy or pinning a dominant dog to the floor.

This kind of treatment is completely missing the point; for example,

Wolf puppies

will always be fed before their parents in the wild, for Dogs Dominant Behaviour,

And Alpha of the pack does not spend all it’s waking hours fighting in order to get compliance from its pack members.

The most sensible approach to take is not to let this kind of behaviour develop in the beginning;

As mentioned above,

Any potential behaviour needs to be nurtured in order for it to flourish.

Owners can begin

by laying down a consistent regime for their new puppy to follow,

Any transgression from this routine shout be dealt with firmly bit also fairly too.Successful Dog Behaviour Training

The key here is not prohibiting the puppy from eating before you or entering a door way before you,

But managing your puppy’s behaviour,

By way of allowing or prohibiting certain behaviours;

For example,

when he can play games or when he is allowed on the furniture.

For those owners who have an adult dog who has been allowed to develop dominant behaviours unchallenged,

Or taken on an older dog only to discover the dog has dominant tendencies,

Much can be done to turn the situation around.

Dogs Dominant Behaviour,

Dogs Dominant Behaviour,

Again a sensible and safe approach is to put in place a regime that the dog must follow.

This can include regular basic obedience training, for example.

All resources should be controlled by the dogs owner;

This includes food, treats, toys, exercise, and any other things the dog can claim as his own,

And should be given when the dog offers some appropriate behaviour.

Dominance is relative,

And a dominant dog may behave in this way only towards certain members of the family,

Therefore it is important for all the family to play a part in his rehabilitation.

In this way the dog will become to accept his subordinate position within his human pack.

Contrary to advice given in some popular dog behaviour and training TV programmes,

Of pinning a dominant dog

To the floor as a way of challenging and gaining supremacy over him is not at all recommended,

As this could easily cause some dogs to react by using aggression.

The most sensible and affective approach to eliminating this kind of behaviour is to maintain a regime of retraining, that is fair to the dog,Train Your Dog Not to Bark

Is motivational and rewarding,

But above all consistent.

Ivan Ojounru has been training dogs in the UK since the late 1908’s.

He now lives in France where he continues to train dogs and write about dog related behaviour care and training topics.

He is passionate about giving dog owners the skills,

Knowledge and confidence to enable them to train their own dogs successfully.

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