Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats
Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

Dog Training Essential Command | 4 Easy Dog Behavior ways

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Dog Training Essential Commands for Your Pets,  As Dog behaviour Training has severals  Ways to deal with your dogs bad behavior using dog training methods with 4 Dog Behaviour Commands.Dog Training Essential Command | 4 Dog Behaviour Commands

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Each canine needs preparing. This bit by bit canine preparing aide will kick you off. Here’s all that you have to know to totally prepare your .

Proper training is one of the most rewarding parts of being a pet owner AS Dog Training Essential Command.

When done right, you set your dog up for a lifetime of happiness, love and safety.

Commands like sit, down and stay not only help your dog behave at home, but can help them be a good canine citizen outside of the home.

Below we’ve gathered the 21 most essential dog commands to teach your furry best friend first.

First there are basic commands, and then we jump into more advanced tricks.

Aim to practice all of them with your dog two to three times a day for 10-15 minutes at a time.

It should take a couple of weeks for your dog to catch on, but once they do you’ll be set for a lifetime.

Dog Training Essential Commands:

  1. Discipline

  2. Punishments

  3. Rewards

  4. Leash Training

Dog Training Essential Commands for Your Dog

  • Dog Discipline.

    • Simple tips on how to discipline your dog.

4 Dog Behaviour Commands

  • Dog Discipline Techniques

There are many ways to punish your dog or puppy’s bad behavior,

Here are a few of the main methods many dog trainers find useful and effective :Dog Training Essential Command | 4 Dog Behaviour Commands

  • Verbal

A verbal correction is a good way to discipline your dog. It is one of the Dog Training Essential Commands for Your Dog.

Try to catch them in the act and give them a brief warning to let them know your watching their every move.

If they respond well and stop their action make sure you reward them accordingly.

However, ‘No’ is a good simple word that your dog will understand and get to associate with things they aren’t meant to do.

  • Send your dog out

Sending your dog out or to a quiet closed room for time to cool down is a useful way to discipline your dog.

Don’t pay your dog any attention at all for fifteen minutes so they have plenty of time to calm down and realise what they have done wrong.

When you let them back in be sure to praise them and reassure them that everything is forgotten about by giving them a cuddle or play time.Dog Training, 4 Dog Training Essential Command

This is a similar technique to sending your children to their room when they have misbehaved.

  • Physical correction

Physical correction should never be misused; hitting your dog in any way will not help solve a problem and will only make it worse. for Dog Training Essential Command

To physically discipline your dog, use your lead when taking them for a walk and give it a gentle tug every time they misbehave.

Dog Training Essential Commands for Your Dog needs a Gentle physical correction is the only way we suggest you discipline your dog and this will not work with every dog.

Dog Training Essential Command | 4 Dog Behaviour Commands

Dog Punishments.

How to punish your dogs behavior in the correct manner.

Dog Punishment Suggestions And Advice

There are many different punishments for getting your dog to learn the difference between right and wrong,

And there are many dog trainers that will tell you that their method is the best way or that a different type of punishment,

Whether Dog Training Essential Commands for Your Dog it be positive or negative punishment, is better than the method you’re using now.Dog Training, 4 Dog Training Essential Command

Dogs need punishment

to keep them in order and to teach them what is acceptable and what is not.

Without some form of punishment there would be no way of showing your dog these things.

No way of training them.

There are two types of punishment for your dogs;

there are positive punishments and negative punishments.

Positive punishments are punishments when you give you dog something, for example giving a tug on the leash or verbal correction.

Negative punishments are when you take away something your dog needs or expects such as treats or toys or having the dog be taken away from you.

I am a strong believer that positive punishments should only be used in moderation or not at all.

However serious injuries to your dog’s safety and health may occur by over using or incorrectly using positive punishment. as Dog Training Essential Command

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There is no dog training exercise that cannot be accomplished by using the negative punishment.

For dog safety reasons

I will only talk about negative punishments and dog punishments that I would use and are fully safe for your dogs.

9 times out of 10 positive punishments cause your dog to react in a similar way towards other people or the owner.

Dog Training, 4 Dog Training Essential Command

If you are going to use positive punishment it is highly recommended that you consult a professional dog trainer before doing so.

The most popular and some of the best negative punishment are listed below:

Should be enforced within 10 seconds of the crime being committed to have any affect and avoid confusion

  • Time out:
    • Take your dog to a room cut off from other family members and any attention for a short period of time.
  • Take away toys:
    • Stop your dog from having any toys for a short period of time.
  • Ignore your dog:
    • Totally ignore your dog for a period of time so they get no attention, fuss, or eye contact.
  • No treats:
    • Don’t give your dog the treat he would have normally had for good behavior

Dog Training Essential Command

Dog Rewards.

How to reward your dogs behavior in the correct manner.

Rewards for Dogs

Rewards let your dog know when he is doing something correct, choose something you know he will like and enjoy.

Play time

Reward your dog with play time with their favourite game and some exercise, Dog Training Essential Commands

There are plenty of fun things for dogs to play with on offer in many dog stores.

Choose a toy they enjoy and only bring it out as a reward for good dog behavior.Dog Training, 4 Dog Training Essential Command

Dog Treats

Dog treats are a favourite amongst dog training experts.

Because they keep the dog focused and when used correctly can give your dog the firm message that they have done well.

Try different brands of treats and foods to see which your dog likes most then keep these only for praising to your dog,

this way they won’t get confused about why they’re being given a reward.

Verbal Praise

Give your dog as much praise as you can when he shows good behavior. Dog Training Essential Commands

Lots of stroking and patting whilst saying ‘well done’ or ‘good boy/girl’ will help your dog associate them words with good behaviour and praise.


Leash Training.

Tips and tricks on how to leash train your dog.

Leash Training Your Dog

Leash training or lead training is the discussion of many dog trainers in this modern age and discussions of how to train your dog in the nicest possible way are aplenty.

These discussions are brought about by people and dog trainers believing that pulling on the leash to correct a dog’s behavior is causing injury to the dog.

I’m not here to discus this also,

but I certainly don’t believe there is anything wrong with leash training if it is done in the correct way and care is taken not to hurt the dog or give any sudden forceful pulls on the leash.Dog Training, 4 Dog Training Essential Command

  • Dog Training Essential Command

Leash dog training is equally as popular as any other form of dog training within the expert.

Dog training community because when done properly it gets results quickly and effectively.

Leash training is used by correcting your dog’s movements and gently tugging on the leash to force the dog to go

In a way they would not have originally gone for Dog Training Essential Commands

and to direct them in the favoured way for the training exercise in hand.

Often the problems of leash training

As soon As getting your dog comfortable with the leash and collar,

So I will briefly discus the key aspects of getting your dog to behave when going for walks on a leash and the problems you might face.

Dog Training Essential Commands As Some dogs are excited to get their collar on and other are not so fond of it,

Train your dog to sit and stay first before learning to take your dog on a leash,

Many dogs like to wriggle around

You can Run about wile you try to put a collar or lead on them so the sit stay commands will be essential.

While doing any pre-leash exercises or walks if your dog misbehaves by being too excited

You should simply remain calm and not go for walks until they are acting appropriately.

This should calm your dog down and act as a light punishment for them.

When starting leash training,

begin in your own home and then work your way up to more populated and new and interesting places,

If your dog misbehaves or is pulling on the leash constantly when they are out then discipline accordingly,

Always practice will be the deciding factor to how quickly your dog will accomplish good behavior.
For more information about Dog Training Essential Command click here.

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