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Your dog may help you sleep better at night Scientific Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog- 5 lamiaa

Your dog may help you sleep better at night 5

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Some people let their dogs roam their bedrooms at night, while others forbid them to do so, but which of the two is healthier?

Your dog may help you sleep better at night

According to the American Veterinary Association, over 40 million Americans own dogs. Of these, 63% of people consider their pet dogs to be part of their family, and despite that they are separated during sleep; Everyone sleeps in his designated place. According to the American International Business Times, there is a solution to this problem in a recent study published by the American medical research “Mayo Clinic” this month. The study entitled “The Effect of Dogs on Human Sleep in the Home Sleeping Environment” concluded that the presence of dogs in their owners’ bedrooms helps them improve the quality of their sleep, but they do not sleep in the same bed. Which means that kicking your four-legged friend out of your room to get ready for bed is a bad idea

Your dog may help you sleep better at night

The study was based on following 40 people who own dogs, and they put accelerometers on the dogs and their owners for 7 nights, then the researchers determined the results. After 5 months, it was found that they did not suffer from any sleep-related disorders. And one of the doctors at the “Mayo Clinic”: They discovered that many people actually found a great deal of comfort and a sense of safety because of sleeping with their pets. He adds that most pet owners spend a large part of their day away from them, so they want to double the time they spend with them after they return home, and allow them to enter the bedrooms at night, an easy way to do this especially since it does not have a negative impact on sleep quality.

Your dog may help you sleep better at night

It turned out that the cause is because the pet dog is always scratching all night,” said Lisa Shives, MD, medical director of the sleep disorders center.

But what about sex? The whole notion of whether or not to be intimate with a pet in the bedroom is different for every couple.

Some are very creative with how they handle it. Some will put the pet outside the room during the time of their intimacy.

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Others will distract the pet with its favorite treat.

Others simply don’t care and ignore the pet while they are involved with their love partner.

However this has to be completely worked out between the love partners.

If one of the partners is uncomfortable or objects to the audience during sex, an agreement must be reached.

Your dog may help you sleep better at night

It is also very important that the cat or dog does not physically come between the human couple.

That intimacy of snuggling and cuddling is all important, actually more important than the actual sex, and should not be disturbed by an animal.

Well, if you think that you do not suffer from allergies and you get sleeping well,

And your sexual partner agree with your decision as to whether your pet should be in or out of the bedroom,

So there is not one thing wrong you get sleeping with your pet.

there is an active debate in the pet community about whether or not co-sleeping with your dog is best practice. Some studies show that sleeping with your dog can result in a bad night’s sleep.

However, there are numerous other studies that tout the benefits of letting your dog sleep in the bed with you. For example, sleeping with your pup has many mental benefits such as an increased feeling of safety and comfort. People suffering from PTSD found that sleeping with their pet helped diminish nightmares.

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