Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats
Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

Correct unwanted dog behavior | Best way – dog obedience

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Correct unwanted dog behavior, Do you want to quickly solve bad behaviour in your beloved pooch, but are fed up reading all the hype, and claims of the so called experts!

There are so many people everyday trying to sell us products on line, many of which is based on misleading information.Dog Behaviour Trainings - Understanding Dogs Behaviour Common Mistakes

Are you at the stage where you can only imagine what it would be like if your dog was a pleasure to be around and have inside the house,

Or a dog that walks well on a lead and loves to be around your children or guests. if you try Understanding Dogs Behaviour

Correct unwanted dog behavior

Maybe you have given up completely and have decided to live with with your dogs behaviour,

Because you don’t really know what to do next. Well I can tell you, you’re definitely not alone.

You really don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of a misbehaving dog, with a little hard work and dedication on your part, you can soon turn your four legged monster into a loving and loyal full time member of your family.

Communication Breakdown

All dogs want to communicate with their owners,Understanding Dogs Behaviour

It’s knowing what they are trying to say to you is the key in turning your dogs bad behavior around.

It’s important that you learn to interpret your dogs behaviour, and replace it with positive behaviour.

In my humble opinion,

naughty dogs are bored dogs. correct unwanted dog behavior

So when trying to teach your dog, make it fun for them.

Use your dogs brain power for something constructive.

And remember to reward them with treats, and lots of praise when a task is done correctly.

It’s important to know why your dog is doing something correct unwanted dog behavior

understand the values of your dog. For example, Why is your dog aggressive?

And how would you treat it?Understanding Dogs Behaviour

Most people treat aggression with aggression.

big mistake!

Let me be honest with you.

The only dogs that will comply to this are, those who live in fear of their owner, or the less intelligent dog.

The smartest and the best will not be bullied, and if and when they retaliate, we humans blame the dog.

The main reason your dog does this, correct unwanted dog behavior

Is because it believes it is the leader, and by retaliating it is merely correcting your behaviour.

While Understanding Dogs Behaviour, You have to understand that dogs are pack animals,

And they see you as part of that pack,

So if you don’t show your dog who the alpha leader is from the start of your relationship,

Then problems like this will inevitably arise in the future. correct unwanted dog behavior

And finally,

Here is a formula that you can apply to almost any unwanted behavior for great results:
  1. Start with liberal doses of management. “Management” is dog trainer (dog-obedience-training)lingo for prevention.
  2. Remove reinforcement.
  3. Teach the dog what you want her to do instead.
  4. Use a positive interrupter.
  5. Use force-free (dog-punishments-techniques) corrections sparingly.

If the unwanted behavior is jumping on people,

Remember that any attention, good or bad, is still attention.

After a couple of weeks of being completely ignored by you, your dog will figure out that it isn’t getting him what he wants – your attention.

To stop bad behaviors like this, it’s important to consider how you respond to the bad behavior.

If you yell at your dog when he jumps on people, you are letting him know his bad behavior paid off.

Your life with your beloved pooch can be so much better by just learning a few basics of your dogs behaviour.

If you are having trouble with your four legged friend and would like more information goto;

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