Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats
Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

how to train a dog, Changing A Dogs Direction Right / Fast & Best Dog training

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Today we will toal about Changing A Dogs Direction  Right and As we Discussed before the Dog Walking – Behaviour Training as it is one of the challange of  Dog Behaviour Training Essential.

Especially as the Dog Walking training is essential for Beginners.

So From the brivious subject of Changing A Dogs Direction RightChanging Dogs Direction

Dog Walking – Behaviour training:

  • Lunge Training
  • Changing Dog Direction  Right
  • Changing Dog Direction – Left
  • Walking Dog To The Right
  • Walking Dog To The Left
  • Changing Speed
  • Halting Your Dog


Changing A Dogs Direction Right.

How to direct your dog in an easy and controlled manner.

Walking Your Dog To The Right

Changing A Dogs Direction right When your dog reaches the stage where he is beginning to take note of things while you are walking,Changing Dogs Direction

You should move your left hand of the leash.

This should best be done as soon as possible. By doing this,

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You will stop the dog

from being hold in position all the time. You should be aware of the fact that a tight leash will encourage your dog to pull all the time.

If the leash is hold in your right hand only, Changing A Dogs Direction Right

You should put your thumb through the circle and tighten any surplus slack.

A “U” shape should be formed by the lead that is hanging down between your dog and you – but not so much that you can trip over it.Changing Dogs Direction

While your dog is sitting along your left side and his head as high as your knee you should then command “let’s go” and start to walk forward with your right foot first.

Make sure that you praise your dog enough if he stays alongside you.

Changing Dogs Direction

It is important that you turn 180 degrees to your right and continue to walk forward if your dog starts to pull in the wrong direction.

Changing A Dogs Direction Right,

As soon as the leash becomes tight you should put your left hand on it and move it forward and then downward and then again release the leash.

It is important that you should not drag or pull your dog in such an instance.

Also make sure that you keep on admiring your dog if they stay in the correct position.

The right about turn is ideal to use whenever your dog starts pulling you ahead or move in front of you.

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