Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats
Pet zoon, Behavior training for dogs and cats

Better Types of Dog Aggression – Bad Dogs Display One?

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Types of Dog Aggression, Do you know the signs to look for that would indicate aggressive dog behaviour?

Is your dog aggressive?Aggressive Dog Behaviour

Some pet dogs show classic canine predatory behaviors, including chasing and grabbing fast-moving things.

Types of Dog Aggression

  • Classification of Aggressive Behavior

      1. Territorial Aggression
      2. Protective Aggression
      3. Possessive Aggression
      4. Fear Aggression
      5. Defensive Aggression
      6. Social Aggression
      7. Frustration-Elicited Aggression
      8. Redirected Aggression
      9. Pain-Elicited Aggression
      10. Sex-Related Aggression
      11. Predatory Aggression

Types of Dog Aggression, There are many different types of dog aggression and today we will look at four of them.

Following are the four types of aggressive dog behaviour that we will look at:

  1. – Dominant
  2. – Territorial
  3. – Possessive
  4. – Fear

Whether you own a large canine or a small doggie,

Aggressive dog behaviour is a very serious issue.Aggressive Dog Behaviour

It is an issue that has to be dealt with immediately at the very first signs.

Every year in the United States alone

Over 800,000 people need medical attention for bites from canines and unfortunately half of these 800,000 are children.

Some homeowners and renters are being denied liability insurance just because they own a doggie.

Years ago if you owned a dog you used to get a discount on your home insurance – times have changed.

Here is another disturbing statistic –

The age group that is suffering the most bites from canines are children under 12 and these bites are coming from the family pooch.

What is the cause of this rise in dog bites?

Have we humanized are dogs so much that we really do not know how to handle or train them properly anymore?

We can deal with an aggressive dog

but we need to go back and treat our dogs like dogs and quit humanizing them..

Dogs are not people and should not be treated as such.

Giving your dog a luxury suite at a doggie hotel is not going to make him happy.

Giving him physical and mental exercise will.Aggressive Dog Behaviour Control

As I said earlier to deal with an aggressive dog we need to understand what the different types are.


All types of dog aggression are dangerous I think a dog that is Dominant Aggressive is the most dangerous.

This dog wants to be in charge and will stop at nothing to maintain the Alpha Spot.

He will growl, snap bite etc. Cannot be trusted at all.

He is like a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

Next we have the dog that is territorial.

He will protect his yard, car, house etc.

He quite easily can growl or lunge or even bite.

This can happen even if you are on a walk and your dog decides to claim the area you are walking in.

Anyone that approaches could easily get bitten.

The next is possessive aggression.

When your dog was a puppy and he had a toy and when you went to get it he would growl and grab the toy and run with it you may have laughed and thought that was cute.

Now your puppy is an 90 pound adult dog who thinks the T.V. remote is one of his toys.Aggressive Dog Behaviour Control

You may have a bit of a problem trying to get your remote back now as your dog is growling and baring his teeth at you.

Types of Dog Aggression

The last form of aggressive dog behaviour that we will look at today stems from fear.

For some reason your dog does not seem to have any confidence.

He is often nervous and insecure and is frightened by things such as your doorbell,

The ring of a telephone, other dogs or even approaching humans.

They unfortunately react by barking, growling, baring their teeth, snapping, biting or all of the previously mentioned.

Owners tend to unknowingly encourage this behaviour by protecting and coddling the dog.

If this a puppy he will not grow out of it and it will only get worse with age.

Some of these aggressive behaviours

Can be quickly taken care of when your dog is still a puppy and really this is the best time to address the issue.

If the behaviour is still happening when your dog has reached adulthood special training will be needed.

Make sure your dog gets the training that he needs to correct his aggressive behaviour.

As a responsible dog owner training your dog is your responsibility.

Do not take this responsibility lightly.Dog owners with disabilities

Most dogs that end up in shelters do so because of behavioural problems.

Do not add your dog to this statistic.

To learn ways to help you train your dog go to Online Dog Trainer.

Start your dog’s training today.



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